Friday, June 10, 2011

Freckle Face

Well, our new AQHA mare, Freckles fits in so well here. She's very interested in us, comes to the fence line and sometimes has even whinnied for us to return after giving her attention. I hope that tomorrow morning I can work with her on saddling and playing around. It's a Saturday, so my husband will be home to help, I hope! He has really taken to her as well and has started calling her "his horse".

Today, I went out and caught her. She has a little bit of proud flesh on a hind leg, so I worked on that. We worked on fly spray again. She was really worried about it for the first few times and today, she stood calm on the left side and got a little more scared on the right. She's definitely a two sided horse, meaning that she needs to be taught on both sides. You cannot just show her something on one side and expect her to accept it on the other.

She is very accepting of things and I already feel like I can trust her for the most part.

I brushed both her and Classy. Classy got to wear his new fly mask, which I am sure he hates but since he's lost pigment around his eyes, I worry about sun damage and blindness. So, i am going to try and be proactive. I also took snips of hair from their tails to send to my friend Candace. She is making horse hair bracelets from your horse's tails.

Here are the pieces that I gathered from both Classy and Freckles today.



Linda said...

Wow, you cut a lot of tail off. I didn't know how much to send.

Freckles sounds wonderful!! I got so busy with graduation and etc., I almost forgot about her! As soon as the wedding is over I want to come out and ride with you and meet her.

I goofed up my original fly mask order, so I haven't got it yet, but I'm excited to see mine, too.

hkfarms said...

I'm so glad she is working out for you. She sounds like a neat horse.

Flying Cowgirl said...

Linda, Freckles has plenty of tail to spare. Classy has been standing next to the fence swishing his tail around so he is a little short.

I hope that you will come out and visit and see Freckles. She's a good little girl.


Kim, she is pretty great. I'm happy to have her.