Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Monday

Today was such a mess of rain, not much gone done in the realm of the horses. I did go out for a visit when the rain quit this evening. Freckles is in season and Classy thinks he knows what to do, but he doesn't. Oska is still with her halter and drag rope and she got the end of it caught on the feeder. So, I was able to approach her without her being able to escape, I held her and petted her softly while talking to her. Then when she relaxed a bit, I went and petted the two love birds. Then returned to pet Oska again. She was still a little freaked but settled again and I retreated away. Then returned one last time to pet, she settled quicker and then on my retreat, I released her snag.

The vet is coming Wednesday to do a Coggins on Oska for her trip to Montana. I'm going to try and work with her a bit more tomorrow so that the vet visit isn't too traumatizing. Maybe we will work on tying up for real.

Also, tomorrow the goal is to work with Freckles too. I'm just going to play with my "handy stick" (Clinton Anderson's term for a whip). She needs some desensitizing with ropes flinging around her. So, tomorrow that is the goal.


Linda said...

I guess today's the day. Hope it goes well with the vet!

Flying Cowgirl said...

No, unfortunately we had to cancel the appointment today.