Saturday, July 9, 2011


Sometimes I feel like any comment that I want to make on Facebook is something very negative.  For example, a horse rescue that is also breeding horses.  I feel this is immoral.  The amount of unwanted horses out there and yet, there are people out there creating more?  Boy, just visit the Fugly Horse of the Day and few times and you'll find all kinds of immoral breeders/rescuers out there.

Also when I see horses for sale.  When a person claims the horse is a finished show horse, and yet their photos show a mangy looking horse in cheap Mexican made western tack.  If it's a finished show horse, your probably going to be showing some major win photos and your horse is going to be decked out.  If it's a 4H show horse who does well, say it!  4H is a different caliber than the Breed Show world.

In no way, am I a perfect person.  I've made stupid decisions and I will continue to make stupid decisions.  I will claim that right.  However, I am also not out there claiming to be the authority or a professional.  I have owned horses for over 30 years, yes part of that lifetime my parents helped me with the horses.  However, much of that time has been spent on educating and studying to understand horses, feeding, training and general hoof care.  My parents would always roll their eyes when I'd come into the house with something different that my horses needed.... such a a teeth float for my older mare.  Thankfully they complied with my wishes, or I was able to earn money to pay for the things I needed.

Last rant of the day... Craigslist.  IF IT'S BEEN SOLD, REMOVE YOUR AD!  omg.... enough said.