Monday, June 13, 2011

Dancing Feet

Today I was watching Classy out the window.  He was napping, standing up.  And later was stepping out. He looked a little "off".  And if you talk to any horse person about their horse, they can tell you when their horse is a little off.  After 19 years of ownership, if I can't tell, well... then somebody needs to come slap me.  So, I pulled on my shoes and climbed through the fence holding a hoof pick.

First thing I checked was for a digital pulse and heat on the hooves.  Founder can happen to any horse and it's always good to be proactive and prevent it.  He felt normal and I compared it to Freckles hooves which felt the same temp.  Then I started picking them out.  I noticed that he is already ready for a trim.  He grows so fast in the summer and I haven't been riding much lately so he's not getting much wear.  So, tomorrow I will be trimming hooves.  Also we are going to battle Thrush.  Oh yuck.

On the subject of Thrush, I have heard of so many products out there.  Many trimmers have their own remedies and some believe that some of the products out there actually kill live tissue.  I stood at Aslin Finch looking at all the Thrush remedies and the associate wouldn't leave me alone.  I read through the ingredients and she pointed out what one most people walk in asking for.  I suppose I am a bit of a snob, when it comes to my horse's feet.  I really don't listen to what "most people use".  Because there are so many people out there that believe that shoeing is the only way to go with a horse.  There are so many people out there who couldn't trim their horse's hoof, even if their life depended on it.  So, instead I got on my iPhone and looked up Pete Ramey's site.  Because if Pete says it's good, that is good enough for me.  So, Pete recommends Neosporin and Athlete's Foot Ointment.  Go to his website and get the whole nitty gritty details:

I'm going to try it tomorrow and hopefully it will help out.

I also picked out Freckles' hooves.  Neither horses were tied or haltered.  I just walked out there started petting and picking feet.  I'm pretty lucky to have these two gentle, trusting creatures who will allow me to do this for them without being jerks and behaving badly.  Both of them are sweethearts, my giant furry children.

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