Monday, December 20, 2010

Turn Me Loose!

This afternoon, Oska, got turned out with Classy officially. I finished adding some additional hot-tape to the remainder of the fence. Then went and caught her. She haltered up very easily and led around the round pen. I asked my son to open the gate and when I brought her through, she wanted to turn around and go back! I was a bit nervous but just stood still and pulled her back to me each time she danced away. Then we'd walk a few steps, she'd dance and turn other directions, so we'd stop again until she settled. After a few minutes of this, she settled and walked next to me very sweetly. We got to Classy's field and he started running around flagging his Arabian tail in the air. This did not help matters. Oska danced and worried, so we stopped and waited until she settled again.

Oska and Classy have been together before. I had brought him into the round pen to visit her and they both got along well. So, this was their second time together and they both ran and ran. Even Oska flagged her tail in the air.

My husband suggested that we put a little grain in Classy's pan to get him to stop running and that worked like a charm. It was just a handful, but it got their minds off running and getting hot.

It's been a couple hours, but I just checked on them and they are eating their supper. Settled and happy to be friends. I will get pictures tomorrow of them together.


Linda said...

Nice. I need to put Beautiful out with the others, but last time I did, Cowgirl ran her through the fence and she busted it right out. It was ridiculous. So, then I just let her out with the geldings and all was fine. Now they all have to have access to heated waterers and there only five stalls on the side of the barn with the turnout. So, I'm thinking Cowgirl will probably have to switch sides, but I need to wait until there's no ice under the snow. Hmmmm....what a delimma for me!

Flying Cowgirl said...

Thanks Linda. Yeah, I think I would wait too, in your case. Or just introduce one or two horses at a time. I only have Classy to introduce, so it wasn't too bad. They did run and run and run. Luke and I stood in the field watching them. I wasn't sure if Oska knew about hot wire/tape, so it made me nervous. But, she walked over and it snapped her nose and she jumped. I think that was a "lesson learned".