Friday, December 17, 2010

A Second Lesson in Leading

Wednesday, I went out to do a second lesson on leading with Oska. It didn't go as planned but it worked out thankfully. She was being a little shy about getting the halter on, but then settled and waited patiently. I used a rope halter this time, something different. The web halter was too big and the rope was the next extra halter I have found in my pile of junk. I've got a pink one somewhere, so she'll be sporting that as soon as I can find it. Finally a horse that will appreciate pink!

Anyway, I used the lunge line again, so that I can still hold the end if she decided to escape or flee. That didn't exactly work out because the point of the lunge line is to keep her from stepping on the rope, if she got away from me. Well, she walked away and then turned and then turned again. Oh crap, now it's wrapped all the way around her. But, Oska being that smart little cookie, she just stepped right out of it without much panic.

Here is a video of the experience.

1 comment:

Linda said...

That's quite the twist-a-round she did! The reason she didn't freak out is probably because you were so calm about it. Good job.