Monday, November 22, 2010

Icey Dreams

Of course we have a blizzard warning in effect. Of course, on the day that I actually do not have to work and am planning a road trip to find my future Icelandic Horse, there is a blizzard warning.

Here is the plan. Tomorrow, I'm headed off to Ellensburg, WA to check out the remaining Icelandic Horses available. I'm pretty excited about this. These are some really unique little horses. I've found them to be very docile and easy to work with. So, hopefully with some luck, we'll make it to Ellensburg tomorrow and pick out my future little gelding.

I will be saying my prayers and hopefully they will be answered.


Nami said...

That's too bad that you couldn't go today :/ and Icelantic (probably spelled that wrong!) horses are so cool! Good luck finding one tomorrow! :D

Heidiwriter said...

Hope you're able to find your horse! If you're traveling today, be safe! This weather we're having in western WA reminds me of my home state of Montana!

Flying Cowgirl said...

Thank you both! We made it to Ellensburg and home safe. It was a rough journey!