Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Icey Dreams become reality!

Blizzard warnings on Tuesday were not a good start to making a journey to Ellensburg. High winds coming from the North and subzero temperatures didn't stop us. I'm so thankful my husband is a professional truck driver, as we got onto the freeway we both were asking, what the heck are we thinking? Are we stupid? Here we are driving a 4x4 pick-up with an empty horse trailer following us behind, fish tailing behind us with the winds pushing hard on us from the side. Twice we had some very scary sliding on the freeway. Twice my heart leaped up into my throat, my legs and arms ached. My stomach was so upset from fret and worry. I was scared of this crazy compact snow and ice freeway and scared of what I'd find when we got out to the Icelandic farm to find a horse. Didn't want to waste a trip to Ellensburg but also didn't want to take a horse, just to take one. I wanted to fall in love.

We stopped for fuel in Moses Lake, which was a needed break from my nerves. Then we did a little spur to Quincy to visit with good friends and deliver a gift I made from my leather work for her.

Back on the road and things start to get a little better. After Vantage the road really improves. My nerves start to settle and we find the farm, only a short distance from the freeway. When the owner arrived, we were pretty set on getting a colt or gelding. We looked at the fillies for a short minute and then asked to see the colts. The owner talked about the fillies and the colts and the fillies won. We went back up to the filly's paddock and loaded them up.

While these two are not halter broke, they loaded into the trailer with just a little encouragement. No whips, load yelling, banging. Just a few gentle slaps on the pantleg and encouraging words. They both hopped in like they've done it before. We hauled them loose, and they stood backwards, like all horses like to do when given the choice. We stopped for fuel along the way and they were both quietly standing in the trailer, cuddled.

Both are here. I got the pinto filly for my friend, Laura, and the dun for me. The pinto is only one year old and the dun is two. If you don't know about Icelandics, they are not ready to ride until age 4 or 5. So, I won't be riding her anytime soon. I may train her to drive. When the weather warms up, I will pull out my Grandfather's driving equipment and see if there is anything that will fit her.

I'm so excited about this filly. She's going to be fun! Who ever thought I'd own an Icelandic Horse?


Nami said...

awww, congrats! They are *really* cute :D

Amanda said...


Linda said...

I can't wait to meet them--hopefully, soon.

Flying Cowgirl said...

Linda, I look forward to you coming to meet them!