Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Riding Alone

It seems to be very difficult for me to motivate myself to go riding alone. It can also be dangerous, but so is riding a horse, or driving a car or flying an airplane! On Monday, I forced myself out and went for a ride. I brought along my Blackberry Storm and had it play music from my play list. It actually was very fun, riding along, singing along. I could walk when I wanted to walk, I could trot when I wanted to trot. Wow... how odd, huh? I don't know why I've become so co-dependent, but I hope that I can change. I'm working on it.

Here are some shots for my ride:

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Linda said...

I worry about riding only because you don't know who you'll run into in the forest or even at the trail head. I used to ride at the State Park at Lewiston all the time by myself--but even then my husband hated it. I loved it. There's no better bonding between you and your horse than when there's no other people or horses!!! This year, I have a gun, and I'm going to ride with it in my pack just in case. But if I'm going to ride as much as I want, it will have to be alone as well.