Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little Darlin

Little Darlin came into my life last Summer.  I went out to the Stockland Horse Sale in Davenport, Washington, just to watch and see what was going through.  I sat with a friend, watched the horses.  I walked in the back pens and found 4 mini horses.  No information posted.  One was a stud, one mare and foal and one single mare.  I went in with the single mare, she was stand-off ish and not interested in me.   Her hooves were long and elf like.

Darlin at the auction
Her hooves were neglected and way too long.

So, I made the decision to bid on her.  I ended up paying $100 for her.  Not much for a registered AMHR miniature mare.  Next decision was how to get her home.  I had to go home and get the horse trailer.  When I returned to get her, I felt really bad.  They were loading horses up for the feedlot (slaughter), packing them tight in a stock trailer.  Here I had this teeny mini horse in a spacious two horse slant load. I wished I could of taken one of the other horses from that cramped trailer but, I was going to have enough trouble from my husband.
Darlin's first day at her new home with us

It's May now, it's taken Darlin quite a while to settle and get friendly with me.  We are starting to bond and her hooves are coming around.  I've done all her hoof trimming myself.  Our big plan for the summer is to enter our first SASHA (Spokane Area Small Horse Association) show.
Darlin's hooves in less than a year
Pretty Little Darlin

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