Monday, December 15, 2008

Wind Break!

Whew! The wind has been blowing icey cold air our way, straight down from Canada (Thank you Canadian Friends!). Our horses has plenty of hay, they both have waterproof blankets to help break the wind, and lots of trees, but still not enough in my opinion to keep them comfortable. So my husband (the chainsaw expert now) and I went out and started cutting down trees to make poles for our shelter. We weren't quite sure on how we were going to get the wind break set up, but just got the poles and then started to create.

We tested it ourselves, as we built it and it works very well. You might see the gaps, but it still stops the wind substantially. And as you can see, Classy is checking it out. Nah, really, he sees me and instantly thinks food! *LOL*

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Pat said...

This is a GREAT idea. I have a couple paddock areas with no loafing shed and when the wind was so unbearably cold, I parked the horse trailer just on the outside of the fence of one of them. That helped a lot too. I didn't think of actually building a windbreak. That's an excellent idea.